Step In Trio


  • Joe Fonda - Bass
  • Carlo Morena - Piano
  • Antonio Fusco - Drums
Step In Trio




“...infectious grooves and intense, lyrical melodic lines...” Karl Ackermann

Step In is the international trio that Carlo Morena, refined Italian pianist,
and Joe Fonda, renowned New York bassist, put together in 1994,
after a several years long experience playing together with several American
horn players later in Spain since 1990. They started their Trio project
with the elegant drummer Jeff Hirshfield, recording “What we’re hearing”
and “Step in” for the Belgian label De Werf and touring across Europe with him. Later Hirshfield was replaced by George Schuller, who recorded with them
“A drop of water” (Konnex Records) and “As you never said before” (MusicCenter) playing many times with them across USA and Europe as well.
In the last few years the young, talented Felix Leca?ros sat on drums, touring across USA and Canada, and recording with the trio “Voila? la tendresse”
(Not Two Records), which got very favorable reviews (“Acutely melodic-often cinematic-the pieces are urbane and intensely rhythmic.
Voila? La Tendresse, captures the razor-sharp interactions among these improvisers.” Karl Ackermann) The new drummer is now Antonio Fusco, elegant and inspired Italian drummer.

About Carlo Morena
“Carlo Morena has developed around the root of the American jazz language a European connotation in the way of playing the piano which is particularly significant, capable of combining moments of the musical tradition of the twentieth century world, both impressionist and expressionist; games of memory, European echoes that in an extremely interesting musical language.” Maurizio Franco

About Antonio Fusco
Antonio Fusco is one of the most interesting and original drummers of European jazz scene, always supportive and focused on new trends in Jazz and music in general. His style results from a long personal research and ranges from mainstream to the Avant-garde music. His proficiency in many different musical contexts and settings, and his skills of versatility and creativity have earned him enthusiastic praise in Europe, China and Africa.”