Recordings 1998-2000

Consensual Tension - CD coverart Consensual Tension
Mark Whitecage's Other Quartet
For Guy Debord (In Nine Events) - CD coverart For Guy Debord (In Nine Events)
Kevin Norton Ensemble featuring Anthony Braxton
Full Circle Suite - CD coverart Full Circle Suite
Joe Fonda Quintet
When It's Time - CD coverart When It's Time
Joe Fonda, solo bass
Distance - CD coverart Distance
Joe Fonda / Xu Fengia
Bottoms Out - CD coverart Bottoms Out
Scott Miller & Joe Fonda
Bassoon in Orbit - CD coverart Bassoon in Orbit
Bassoon in the Wild Quartet
Live at the Bunker - CD coverart Live at the Bunker
The Fonda / Stevens Group
Step-In - CD coverart Step-In
Fonda / Morena / Hirshfield
Final Answer - CD coverart Final Answer
Conference Call
The Healing - CD coverart The Healing
The Fonda / Stevens Group