Remedy - Heberer, Fonda, Hertenstein


  • Thomas Heberer-Trumpet
  • Joe Fonda - bass;
  • Joe Hertenstein -  drums.
Remedy - Heberer, Fonda, Hertenstein



"A band of equals.

 This is jazz, no doubt about it, stripped to its essence of stellar interplay, brilliant soloing and fun in each other's but also one's own mastery of the instrument. Jazz with all its nervousness, its agitation, its emotional depth, its instrumental prowess, its freedom and joy. Together they move as one. Hence the album's title: their collaboration serves as a remedy to stay sane physically and mentally during the pandemic." 

- Stef Gijssels 6/2021



"A solid force, a righteous, tight balance of three strong spirits. There are some truly difficult daredevil twists and turns going on here. Considering that this is a trumpet-led trio, there is quite a bit more going on here than one might think."

- Bruce Lee Gallanter 04/2021