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History of Jazz in Reverse

FAB Trio - History of Jazz in Reverse

History of Jazz in Reverse


  • Billy Bang - violin
  • Joe Fonda - double bass
  • Barry Altschul - drums

Track list:

  1. Homeward Bound  15:43
  2. Implications  9:49
  3. For Bea  8:02
  4. From Here to There  8:08
  5. Chan Chan (Compay Segundo) 7:09
  6. History of Jazz in Reverse  8:03
  7. One for Don Cherry (Billy Bang) 6:06
  8. From the Waters of New Orleans  5:05

Release information:

Recorded on December 13, 2005 at the Kampo Studios in New York City
Recorded by Robert Musso
Mixed and mastered by Henrik Otto Donner, Esa Santonen and Janne Malén at DER in Tammisaari, Finland
Produced by Petri Haussila
Design by JuhaJuha Lökström
Cover painting photographed by Stein Jørgensen
Released 2011 by TUM Records Oy, Eteläranta 14, FI-00130 Helsinki, Finland

Released: 2011
Label: TUM Records

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Recording: History of Jazz in Reverse
Released: 2011
Label: TUM Records
Price: $15.00

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