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Conference Call

[founded in 1999, collective]

Conference Call is a new quartet using project featuring the exciting German woodwind virtuoso Gebhard Ullmann the established piano/bass collaboration of Michael Jefrey Stevens and Joe Fonda (the Fonda Stevens Group) and the highly individual percussion styling of master drummer Matt Wilson.


[founded in 2011

A powerful guitar trio with two of Swedens top jazz Musicians , Anders Nilisson , brother Peter Nilisson, and New York bassist, Joe Fonda

The Fonda/Stevens Group

[founded in 1992, co-led by Joe Fonda & Michael Jefry Stevens]

A core group of seasoned musicians/friends who continue to rehearse, perform, record, and compose. The members of this group have been performing together for the last 20 years.

Mike Kindred Blues Trio , With Joe Fonda , Emil Gross

[founded in 2013, collective]

Mike Kindred Blues Trio are: Mike Kindred - Piano, Vocals, Song Writer; Joe Fonda, Electric Bass; Emil Gross, Drums

The Nu Band

[founded in 2003, collective]

"What’s fascinating about this band is that it’s a coalescing of many streams. Each player brings with him a wealth of experience as both instrumentalist and composer, leader and sideman .. . all of this experience comes together in the Nu Band to make a unique music as fresh and invigorating as any being done today." - from liner notes by Robert lannapollo

Bottoms Out

[founded in 2005, led by Joe Fonda]

Joe had been thinking about the instrumentation of this band for some years before he had enough compositions to bring this band into the studio.

Bebelaar, Fonda, Joos

[founded 2011]

A dynamic trio that features one of the must beloved musicians/artists from Germany, Herbert Joos, with Joe Fonda, bass, Patrick Bebelaar, piano .

Angelini , Fonda, Lopez

[founded in 2009, collective]

A dynamic trio that features French Pianist , Bruno Angelini , Spanish Drummer ,Roman Lopez , American Bassists , Joe Fonda

Barry Atlschul and the 3dom Factor

[founded in 2011]

Barry Altschul and the 3dom Factory , is Barry first recorded group as a leader in 15 years .

Step In Trio , Fonda Morena, Schuller ,

[founded in 1994

Joe Fonda and Carlo Morena have working together since 1990 . They have recorded four cds What Were Hearing on the Dewerf , 1994 , Step In ,Dewerf , 2000, A Drop of Water , Konnex , 2007 , As you never said before ,2011

From the Source

[founded in 2001, led by Joe Fonda]

Fonda's newest project is an interdisciplinary music-performance ensemble. The ensemble includes four musicians, a tap dancer, and a body healer.


[founded in 2002,

Three musicians one from The United States, one from China , and one from Belgium .

Generations Quartet, with Oliver Lake

[founded January 2012]

Trio Generations with guest artist Oliver Lake features Michael Jefry Stevens on piano, Joe Fonda on bass, Emil Gross on drums and Oliver Lake on saxophone. Oliver Lake:"It's all about choices," states modern Renaissance Man Oliver Lake to explain his expansive artistic vision.

Katie Bull - Joe Fonda Duo

[founded in 2003]

In the two years since she has begun recording, Katie Bull has proven herself to be "a force to be reckoned with in vocal jazz." On her first two Corn Hill Indie albums, Conversations With The Jokers and Love Spook, Bull demonstrated a strong foundation in the music’s tradition, as well as the powerful will and desire to expand it, blending adventurous original material with her own uniquely personal interpretations of classics from the Great American Songbook. Now, on CUP OF JOE, NO BULL, she demonstrates the depth of her commitment to her artistic philosophy, baring her soul in an intimate musical conversation with bassist Joe Fonda, as she continues to combine her own compelling compositions with music from the standard jazz repertoire.

Xu Fengxia and Joe Fonda

[founded in 2000]

Improvised music, surprising developments, sounds that have never been heard before — amazing interaction! It's Chinese; it's American — it's world music!

Judith Insell ~ Joe Fonda Duo

[founded in 2007]

A unique jazz duo that explores the rich timbres and harmonic possibilities of two string instruments, through original compositions and lesser-known jazz standards.

Eastern Boundary Quartet

[founded in 2008/9, collective]

EASTERN BOUNDARY ls a recent collaborative quartet featuring the Hungarian master musicians drummer Balazs Bagyi and saxophonist Mihaly Borbely and the long-standing bass/piano partnership of New York City bassist Joe Fonda and pianist Michael Jefry Stevens (co-leaders of the Fonda/Stevens Group). This quartet first performed together in Europe in 2007, toured the United States in the spring of 2009 and toured Eastern Europe in October. The group just finished recording their 2nd CD which will be released to coincide with their upcoming 2011 European tour. The band was formed with the imagination of connecting two worlds of the jazz scene today. This unique collaboration is a mixture of avantgarde jazz and ethno music from Hungary, like a cultural bridge between the USA and Eastern-Europe. This bridge is made of talent, respect, brotherhood and friendship, built by the common language of jazz and improvised music.

Nicole Metzger New York Connection

{found 2005}

This international quartet features Joe Fonda (Bass), Michael J. Stevens (piano),Harvey Sorgen (drums) and German vocalist Nicole Metzger. Their debut CD was recorded in 2002 in Brooklyn, NY and their latest CD (recorded in Koln in December 2010) will be released in 2011.